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Model GS-800 Calibrated Imaging Densitometer

The Model GS-800 Calibrated Imaging Densitometer (Figure 1.1) is a high performance, calibrated imaging densitometer that converts transparent and opaque electrophoretic samples into digital data. The GS-800 calibrated densitometer offers superior accuracy, sensitivity, and data reproducibility. It automatically self-calibrates the optical density to optimize detection.       

Contact person:

Nick Vordos
tel. (+30) 2510462247
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Features include:

  • Transmissive and reflective imaging using red, green, and blue CCD technology to scan chromogenic samples at the optimal detection wavelength
  • Imaging of a wide variety of samples such as 1-D and 2-D gels, colorimetric dot and slot blots, film-based chemiluminescent blots, autoradiograms, slides, and photographs
  • IQ/OQ for verification of the reflectance and transmittance calibration functions
  • High resolution and analysis of closest bands on a gel due to 12-bit precision and 36.3 μm resolution
  • Scanning of larger gels for enhanced separation of proteins on oversized 29 x 40 cm sample platen
  • Accurate quantitation of samples, such as Coomassie Blue– and silver-stained gels, over a large dynamic range (0–3.0 OD)
  • Sealed imaging platen to accommodate wet samples of variable thickness
  • Purity analysis and lane background tools for manufacturing QC


Transmittance and Reflectance

Unlike laser densitometer systems, the GS-800 calibrated densitometer has both transmittance and true reflectance capabilities that allow accurate scans of both transparent and opaque samples. The advantage of true reflectance scanning is accurate detection and analysis of molecules on the surface of membranes, rather than molecules distributed throughout the membrane matrix. True reflectance provides the most accurate detection and analysis of dot blots, slot blots, and other electrophoretic blots without quantitation error.